当一所学校在所有领域优先考虑探究性学习时, 学生开发提问工具, 仔细观察, 接受, 拒绝各种信息. Students who have the ability to seek truth through the study and examination of evidence become deeper thinkers and more fruitful contributors to our society. 

弗林特里奇圣心 provides a four-year research curriculum that develops the explicit and implicit skills students need to complete college-level and scholarly research and inspires a lifelong search for truth.


  • 问:什么是研究项目?

    A: 弗林特里奇圣心's four-year 研究项目 was created to give students experience writing the types of papers they will be asked to write as soon as they enter their freshman year of college. We heard loud and clear from college-level instructors and librarians that freshmen were entering college without the mindset and skills required to carry out research papers. This capstone program represents our commitment to preparing our young women for university-level course work.
    我们从培养好奇心开始. We encourage students to blend personal interests with academic ones as they explore the complex systems that make up our modern world.
    我们也强调核心研究技能, 因此,所有年级的学生都接受如何浏览学术数据库的指导, how to use predictive search methods to locate research material and the use of multiple electronic source documentation tools. 
  • 问:学生在研究项目中面临的一些挑战是什么?

    A:这对学生来说很难, 特别是在选择了一个一般的主题之后, 把范围缩小到一个可行的, 经过长时间的研究,这是一篇有争议的论文. 这对他们来说有点不舒服,因为我们稍微翻转了一下这个过程. 我们要求他们等很长时间才能发表论文. They want to do that right upfront, so they can find resources that match their thesis statement. We require that they spend 8-10 weeks doing a deeper reading of the research material and create their thesis from what they find.

    十大电子游戏平台学生也需要允许去冒智力上的风险. 他们那样做是很可怕的. 他们总是希望你告诉他们答案. The 研究项目 gives them permission to take those risks; it actually requires them to do so.

  • Q: Why do you think it’s important that high school girls learn the proper methods and the ways to do research?

    答:在大学的早期阶段就有一个期望, 大一课程水平, 他们将能够独立地做很多事情. 让十大电子游戏平台学生做好准备是十大电子游戏平台责任. We need to keep in mind exactly what a college will expect and know that professors do not deliver instructions on these skills. 没有十大电子游戏正规平台如何使用数据库和如何使用库的课程. 这只是一个期望.

    There’s enough happening in their freshman year of college that’s stressful and learning how to do all of this here prepares them for a situation in college where these girls can be the ones on their dorm floor who say to their friends, “Oh, 我知道怎么做. 别担心. 我来告诉你怎么做.”

  • 问:学生们在研究项目中学到了哪些技能?

    A:通过研究过程, they learn how to properly identify information online and use it; they learn how to do smart searches; how to evaluate the credibility of a source; they’ll think about the information that they’re using and how they are using it. They also need to know how to document a source; when to know to abandon or discard it; when to know that an anticipated thesis statement is no longer valid—all of those things need to become more automatic for our students.


Nicole Pang, 18岁  

Who would’ve thought that both my research projects in high school would eventually lead me to create my own dual major and procure a fantastic job opportunity abroad?

Continue reading Nicole's experience with 弗林特里奇圣心's 研究项目 on our blog.


研究项目的学生开发提问工具, 仔细观察, 接受, 拒绝各种信息. 大四的时候, they create a capstone project that reflects all that they learned through the year-long process.


After learning about the expensive real estate rate market in Los Angeles and appreciating the aesthetic aspects of architecture and urban planning, Alyssa explored how architecute can also play a social justice role in providing affordable housing to lower income residents. She built a 3D model demonstrating how affordable housing could be built that is aesthetically pleasing while also reflect responsible environmental planning. 


Amanda Chang '19 explored how women stopped learning embroidery skills as they entered the workforce in the 1940s. 然而, 20世纪60年代, women picked up their needles as a weapon against sexism and as a way to seek financial independence. 在她的项目中,阿曼达创造了一个飞行的阿帕纳斯(一个画在墙上的人物) 莫干洞壁画(代表中国女性的力量) 刺绣作品表明女性独立自主,在社会中具有强大的地位.


索菲亚·帕帕斯18岁, 很好奇为什么东正教不向女性精神领袖开放, discovered in her research process that proof exists of women deacons in early church history. 我想让大家意识到这一点, 索菲亚设计了一件传统的执事礼服,里面有精致的长袍和讲坛, Every element in the vestment serves a specific purpose; the colors are traditional Orthodox vestment colors (deep red and gold) and the orarion has images of three significant women from the Orthodox church.


Elizabeth Patterson '18 researched how stereotypes placed on black women and girls lead to the criminalization and marginalization of black girls and women in school and the workforce. 这些刻板印象导致了黑人女孩的成人化, 反过来, 对学校黑人女孩更严厉的惩罚(包括休学), 驱逐, 与学校有关的逮捕)比白人学生多. 她的期末课题, 视频演示, includes interviews with black girls and women to connect the concept of adultification with actual faces and experiences to give viewers the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and actions.


看完克里斯·洛克的纪录片《十大电子游戏平台》,” Nia Harris ’17 decided to investigate how the standard of beauty affects the culture of hair and self-esteem of African-American women. 妮娅采访了非洲裔美国女性,了解她们的头发以及她们与头发的关系. 她将这些回答整理成播客,发布在自己的网站上。你的发型故事是什么?” She found that most of the women felt insecure about their hair at some point in their lives, 尽管随着年龄的增长,他们的信心也在增强. And those women with natural hair hoped they inspire other African-American women to love their hair, Nia包括.


他自称是音乐剧迷, Meredith Roberts ’17 headed to the bright lights of Broadway when it came time to pick an SRP topic. 她考察了九部音乐剧的社会和政治主题, 研究了这些音乐剧是如何影响观众的. 从《十大电子游戏平台》和《十大电子游戏平台》到《十大电子游戏平台》和《十大电子游戏正规平台》,梅雷迪思发现音乐剧是革命性的, 电影的主题和背景往往超越时间,影响着各个时代的观众. 你可以在上面了解更多 她的网页.


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